tax time with D&M AccountingMost people cringe at the thought of tax season. Many of us don’t like how much cash we give away to this “necessary evil”, but have you ever taken time to determine if you’re actually paying more than you’re required to?

The tax code has become extremely complex over the years since this country’s inception, so much so that we’re taught to think of it as insurmountable and there’s nothing we can do to understand it, let alone make it work in our advantage.

Luckily, there are individuals that dedicate their lives to unraveling the mystery that is the tax code. These tax advisors or tax accountants help you to better understand what your tax plan is (and how to improve it), giving you all the tools you need to legally minimize your taxes and increase your wealth building.

Here are a few qualities you should look for in a tax advisor, so you know if you have the right person for the job and your goals.

They ask you lots of questions

The only way a tax specialist can properly prepare and reduce your taxes is to fully understand your situation.

  • What is your, and your family members’, role in your business and investing activities?
  • What are your personal and professional goals?
  • How do you keep track of your expenses (all of them)?

They (legally) reduce your taxes

There are all sorts of people out there that prepare taxes. Some who know the minimal basics, and “play it safe” by doing next to nothing creative, in fear of the dreaded audit. Then there are those who know more about the law, but also how to cheat, and do so, fearing nothing and putting your butt on the line!

You want someone who knows the law, and is creative in LEGAL ways to reduce your taxes in the best ways possible.

They broaden your awareness of your tax plan and tax laws

The right tax advisor will enjoy their job and be excited to teach you new things and strategies for saving money. They should provide you with a solid understanding of the laws, how to abide by them, and what you need to do throughout the year to keep your money.

Also remember, passion breeds creativity (and thus lower taxes)!

They prepare your tax return

It is best that this tax advisor is also your tax preparer. No need for two separate people, and it’s not a great idea to have one or the other.

If you’re ready, start getting your taxes under control today and contact one of our tax specialists to see how we can save some of your hard earned money this coming tax season!

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