Business Software Selection and Implementation

Looking for accounting software to run your business?

  • Which accounting software will work best for me?
  • How long will it take to learn?
  • Where can I find support if I have questions?

The selection of a new Accounting or ERP system software is an integral process for any business. While looking for a software that delivers specific features and functions, be open to new functionality beyond those within your current system. Your organization may have been using the present accounting software for four or more years. If you are not even aware of what’s possible, it’s helpful to seek out the advice of a trusted business software consultant.

How to Know What You Need and Want

Task Efficiency

EFFICIENT means that a task is accomplished within an acceptable length of time. If the process is in disarray, requires moving between too many screens, or has too many fields, these are flags that efficiency may be an issue.

Task Effectiveness

EFFECTIVE means that a task can be performed well. When considering software, it’s imperative to ensure that key tasks are built into the software, or can be customized to include your essential tasks.

Detailed Functions

Certain critical tasks may need to be evaluated for effectiveness. Depending on your company’s specific needs, you may need to review the software’s functions regarding credit and collections, demand planning, inventory replenishment and exception management. For QuickBooks software training support, look no further than D&M Accounting. These programs routinely save many hours every month for small to mid-sized businesses. Both programs have evolved over the years to efficiently collect, store and integrate key business and financial data for your business reporting. Key database reports include: customer data, sales reports and daily cash management. For which of the following software programs are you looking to find assistance?

  • QuickBooks
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word

Software Shopping List Criteria

When approaching accounting software vendors, consultants or trusted colleagues regarding a new software system, be prepared and do your homework first. They will probably need answers to specific questions that can help them best advise you. Here is a list to help you be prepared:

  • Create a list of your most important requirements. Include factors that will impact or drive your company’s future success.
  • Create a wish list, including problems or frustrations with current software tasks.
  • Conduct an online search for “new accounting software”. Make a list of questions about features and functions that you like, are interested in or do not understand.
  • Prepare to answer questions about your current computer operating system.

It also helps to ask around. Inquire from any of your social media connections about their recommendations or if they can answer any specific questions or concerns. Using these initial tips will improve your insights and help maximize the likelihood that the best-suited system will be selected. D&M Accounting, Inc. has worked with QuickBooks software throughout our company and with many of our clients’ internal staff. Because we’ve helped many businesses over the last decade with their installations and acclimation to new software, we can offer an objective opinion about these applications. We are happy to help you choose the right program for your business by identifying key considerations that will simplify your decision process. After installation and setup, we can also help train your staff on implementation and reporting tools.

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