Reduce Costs and Headaches

The efficiency of a specialist preparing and processing your payroll and paychecks can generate huge internal savings for you, in labor cost and time.

Our experienced payroll team live and breathe the process with confidence. No longer will you be faced with the tiresome, repetitive tasks and worries over payroll details, accuracy, and related laws and taxes.

Avoid IRS Penalties

Many small businesses worry about incurring IRS penalties for late or incorrect filings or payments. D&M helps alleviate penalties by staying informed on current tax laws and calendar due dates.

Another important aspect of our services is to ensure that we’ve removed the causes of common payroll errors, such as failure to pay IRS 941 payroll taxes, overstating deductions and misclassifying workers.

Eliminate Technology Errors

If you’ve ever forgotten to update your tax tables while processing your payroll in-house, you’ll understand the value of outsourced payroll services. We utilize the latest payroll software and up-to-date tax tables, calculators and tools at our fingertips. So you are aware, errors due to technology snafus are not an acceptable excuse for the IRS.

Offer Direct Deposit to Employees

Direct deposits eliminate errors and wasted-time due to paper handling and individual paycheck reconciliations. Your employees will appreciate the convenience because it saves them a trip to the bank.

Increase Productivity

By freeing up your employees, they will have more time to pursue important, value-added tasks and revenue-generating activities.

Access to Payroll Expertise

By taking advantage of our many years of combined experience and always continuing education, the D&M Accounting, Inc. staff maintain a broad awareness of the ever-changing regulations, tax tables, government forms, and withholding rates. This includes Federal and State.

Eliminate Business Risk

If your payroll manager or controller takes a job at another company, they may leave with all their knowledge of your payroll process. When you hire an outsourced payroll service like D&M Accounting, Inc., we’re there for you – every year and every payroll period.

Support your business with a complete range of outsourced paycheck and payroll processing services:

  • Payroll Preparation – No setup charges!
  • Direct Deposit of Payroll Checks
  • Corporation Payroll Services
  • Out-of-State Payroll and Paycheck Services
  • Electronic Tax Payments

D&M Accounting can set up your business’s payroll processing program. Free setup and the ability to use direct deposit are the initial perks your business receives when using our payroll processing services.

We customize our payroll services, tailoring them to your pay cycle needs, whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

How can we best assist your business? Tell Us Your Needs