Tax Planning Questions

  • What strategy are you using in your Tax Planning for retirement?
  • Are you taking full advantage of your employer’s retirement plan to lower your current tax liability?
  • Are you using any other type of individual retirement account (IRA)?
  • Are you using a Health Savings Account (HSA) to lower your tax liability?
  • Have you made any charitable donations?
  • Are you currently retired or planning to retire soon?

Tax planning begins with your unique conditions. Whether a personal, corporate or partnership filing, the entire team at D&M Accounting stays informed on the constantly changing tax laws that will most likely impact you or your business. Consider the advantages of having access to the area’s top tax advisors who can help you year-round to prepare more diligently for the coming fiscal year.

Tax Tips & News

  1. You can substantially reduce or eliminate your income tax by saving for retirement, owning a home or sending your kids to college. For details, ask your D&M consultant.
  2. If you are retired or planning to retire soon, here are some additional tips on planning ahead that will help you keep your taxes as low as possible: Tax Planning Strategies for Retirees

The D&M Accounting team recognizes all the federal, state and local tax laws. Additionally, our accounting team can offer new insights, options or ideas that may provide more financial benefits.

Trust D&M Accounting to stay on top of the constantly changing tax laws that will affect you or your business.

  • Federal Tax Laws
  • State Tax Laws
  • Local Tax Laws

We offer expert tax planning and guidance to ensure that you’re always compliant and are never paying more than is required. To learn how this vital service can benefit you, call us to learn more details…

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