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Your dreams are like a giant, 84 ton flywheel….

Making money is like pushing a flywheelIt may seem totally impossible to get that baby moving, but the more you push, the more momentum is built up, and the easier it is to make it go even faster. Even better, the bigger the flywheel, the harder it will be to get it going, BUT the bigger it is, the faster it’ll be able to go once it’s really moving.

Now, read that last part again, but substitute flywheel for dream or passion.

Reminder: if you tell people about your dreams and they don’t laugh or tell you you’re crazy, your dreams aren’t big enough!

The best way to get enough momentum going at the beginning is all about your mindset. Either you have the passion or motivation naturally and nothing’s going to stop you! Or you’re like me… a little lazy, and motivation is like…an ice chip in your mouth on a hot summer day.

I read a quote recently that went something like: if you wait for motivation, essentially nothing will ever happen in your life, besides maybe memorizing your top 10 favorite movies.

Act first and the motivation will follow”.

That single line is the best advice I’ve probably ever received. Here I thought I was the only one wanting to (but not feeling like) accomplishing great things.

If you ever ask the question of how to make money, DO something. All it takes is some physical movement and you are on your way. No question about it.


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